Clothing brands in UK

Fashion brands in the UK come from all over the world and the amount of brands available on British high streets and online is seemingly endless. It would be hard to suggest which brands the UK favours the most, however, it is possible to list a few which are very popular at the moment. When looking at the modern shopping complex, several stores are almost always present: such as M&S, Debenhams, New Look, Topshop, Next etc. It is therefore possible to suggest that these companies are making popular clothing at reasonable rates. Other stores are gaining in notoriety, such as Primark, H&Mand Madhouse, who stock many popular brands and styles, at even cheaper rates than their competitors. The fact is, for the British shopper, the choice for the top clothing brands is extensive.

Top Clothing Brands

When looking at the top clothing brands, it is important to take several factors into account, not to just look at the most expensive garments. Elements such as durability, variety, and affordability are all essential. Some of the top clothing brands can be found in the cheapest stores. For example, the George range at ASDA is very affordable, offers a wide range of designs and styles, and has a very respectable level of quality. Another low-cost brand which is very popular in the UK is Lonsdale, who make a variety of T-shirts and sporting clothes which meet a lot of the British public’s needs. A couple of brands worth mentioning in the lower-cost category are Nike, who offer a great range of both male and female clothing at decent prices with some great styles, and No Fear who are a great alternative to the norm.

Looking at the middle ground for the top UK clothing brands, you have to consider brands like M&S for guys, and Jane Norman for girls, as both brands give high quality clothes at rates which are not extortionate. Some other good middle ground clothing brands include: Bershka (womens wear), New Look (Unisex), and Levis (mens wear). These brands all make up a significant proportion of the UK’s top brands, as they offer a higher quality than most but are still affordable.

Premium Clothing Brands

The last category is the more premium brands of clothing which are popular in the UK. Many of these brands are imported from Europe and the US, such as Armani, Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, Calvin Klein, and Donna Karan. These brands offer something that few others can, which is the highest quality products using the most modern and stylish designs. And while the UK demands decent clothes at reasonable prices, they also want the option for something a little bit more special. The premium brands are an integral part of the clothing industry in the UK.

It is hard to speculate on which clothing brands the UK holds most dearly, as they are constantly changing. However, it is possible give a few of the market leaders, and suggest why they currently hold the crown for the UK high streets.