Kid’s Wear

The market for children’s clothes in the UK is big. There is a massive demand for all kinds of kid’s wear on the high street, which makes the retail outlets scramble to supply it. One of the most interesting elements to the kid’s wear market in the UK, is how so many products aimed at the youth find their way into so many different kinds of shops. For example, you can find clothes for your children not only in specific shops (such as Mothercare and Mamas & Papas) and big department stores like Marks & Spencer’s and Debenhams, but also in supermarkets (e.g. Tesco and ASDA). It seems that companies who design and produce clothes for youths know that in order to meet the demands of the British public, their goods need to be available everywhere!

Kids Clothing Brands in UK

Prominent clothing brands in the kid’s wear market are companies like George (for ASDA), and Blue Harbour (for M&S), who offer good quality garments at affordable rates for parents. Sports brands are often used in conjunction with children’s clothing, Nike and Adidas make a wide range of suitable clothing for young people which also promotes a healthy lifestyle of exercise. There are some more up-market, designer brands who cater for kids, such as Armani and Calvin Klein, but these are often too expensive for parents and offer designs which go unappreciated by today’s youngster. A company such as Primark has a much better hold on the market, with their very low prices and simple designs which offer parents exactly what they desire from a kids clothing company.

Many of the mens wear & womens wear styles which are available to adults, are now available for the youth. Items such as jeans, hooded jackets, and cardigans are offered in kids clothing shops. Even for newborns, shops like Mothercare and Mamas & Papas sell items like designer shirts and cashmere tank-tops. The main styles available for kids, however, remain simple, sturdy clothes which are inexpensive and easily replaceable due to their ever-changing bodies and hazardous lifestyle. Items like T-shirts, jumpers, jeans and cargo trousers are all made in plentiful supplies, in a range of colours and sizes, to make it easier for busy parents to choose from.

One of the brilliant aspects of children is their disregard for “labels”. Until they reach early teenage years, most kids do not care whose name appears on their T-shirt or how much their trousers cost. This attitude gives so much freedom to the design companies, who are able to offer a massive range of clothing at very affordable rates. And the future of kids wear seems to be set in staying that way, with the rise and expansion of big-name supermarkets who will be in constant competition with each other, which can only benefit the pockets of hardworking parents.