Sport wear

The UK is Home to a thriving sporting culture, and it is no surprise that sportswear forms a significant part of the clothing industry. British high streets will always cater for sportswear consumers, as the demand for gear aimed towards fitness and exercise has never declined. The main outlets for sportswear are the big chains like JJB Sports and Soccerworld, which offer authentic sporting brands at very low prices, as well as all the equipment you could ever want under one roof. These mega-stores are important components to any successful shopping complex.

Sports Clothing Brands in UK

The big clothing brands in sportswear have always been companies like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Umbro, Puma etc. And this has not changed over recent years. All these companies still remain our first choice when it comes to sportswear, as they offer every kind of sporting clothing available: from trainers and running shorts, to football shirts and baseball caps. These big names are also the sponsors for major sporting clubs and icons (such as Nike who sponsor Football Clubs as well as the famous golfer Tiger Woods among other things), which means they keep their relevance to the modern shopper. There are other sporting brands out there for the UK shopper who remain low-key, but can offer a higher quality of clothing. Brands such as Helly Hanson and Fred Perry offer almost a designer element to sportswear which appeals to many consumers. For the most part however, Nike and Adidas remain the frontrunners (excuse the pun). These two brands offer the most comprehensive cover of sportswear, and can deliver both high-quality and reasonable prices.

The styles and types of sportswear are continually changing, as the field dictates. And as new sports are introduced into the public arena, brand new markets are instantaneously developed. Such as the skateboarding craze of the 1990s, which created a huge amount of new designs for sportswear, as well as raising the status of smaller companies such as Animal, Element, and No Fear, who are now integral parts of the UK high street. The main types of sportswear are trainers, shorts, t-shirts, vests, hoodies, caps, and jogging bottoms. Although newer types have made their wade onto our shelves, such as ankle-socks, headbands and wristbands. There are other types which are designed specifically for the individual sport, such as football boots with studs/blades, or indoor basketball shoes.

The sporting culture, which was mentioned at the beginning of this article, has ceased to decline in popularity over the decades. Events such as the Olympics or the World Cup are still important events on the UK calendar, and as long as sports in Britain remain a significant element in British culture, sportswear will remain a significant part of British high streets.